Kawasaki are often described as being “different than other bikes”. The very first Kawasaki motorcycle engine was built in 1949 by Aircraft engineers of Kawasaki Aircraft Company. Mass production of Kawasaki motorcycles began at 1953 in Japan, putting to use the advanced development skills and the manufacturing knowhow gained through aircraft engine development, and has since produced many iconic machines. No matter the time period, Kawasaki has remained on the cutting edge of two-wheeled technology. Over the years Kawasaki has released numerous new models that have helped shape the market, and in the process, created many enduring legends based on the speed and power of their machines.

Asian Motorbikes Limited is the official distributor of Kawasaki Motorcycles in Bangladesh since 2018. They will offer varied range of motorcycle models, aftersales service and Kawasaki genuine accessories and apparels. Their service centers are equipped with Kawasaki Global standard equipment, full range of spare parts and trained technicians striving for service excellence.


“RIDEOLOGY” Philosophy

The “different than other bikes” perception is the result of certain principles that Kawasaki have when it comes to designing motorcycles. There are three principles, each related to how the ride experience offered by a Kawasaki is crafted.

  • Principle 1: Our bikes should possess both Power and Gentleness.
  • Principle 2: Our bike should be fun and rewarding to control.
  • Principle 3: Pursue all possibilities.

Together these three principles can be expressed by the term RIDEOLOGY (Ride + Ideology). This rider centric development philosophy has been the force behind our many legendary machines and will continue to guide Kawasaki products in the future.